My sidewinder

David Corso did different sniper jobs, and always he had clean up behind him, and in front of him, to the sides, above and below.

Why? He is and was the best sniper the U.S. Military has, and he’s an black ops super warrior, along with his team members Duncan O’Finoian, and Axe, who was replaced from time to time, when she/he had their own sidewinder duties to perform. 

She had her own clean ups with her, and as in the case of David Corso, she never saw them, she knew they were with her, but if she saw them, then they weren’t doing their job, and were severely punished for their lack of black ops pride. 

Pride is something the handlers, etc., kept bringing up over and over, even when they were joined by extra-terrestrials in training, mind expansion, with controls set in, to protect the handlers, and work with native americans in how to move, how to have stealth, and how to kill with mind, body and inbetween.

They induced artificial personalities into the super soldiers, ultra warriors, and tried to do the same with the Dragons, but it backfired on them, and the Dragons fought them to ta stand still, then left, and formulated the Rain.

The Rain stands between the Shadow and the Real Time; the Rain is the traders of the human race, and they are in competition with the ETs or the Constellation, and now with the Ancients, as well.

They are in solid partnership with Rowdies Rangers.

They are transdimensionals travelers, and the ETs, the Shadow, the Real Timers, the military, the intelligence agencies, are all afraid of them.

David Corso is a protectorate; he is protected

Dragon and Makers are of the Rain, and the Rain is of the Fire, and the Fire is of the wind, and the wind is of the air and the air is of the earth, so the Dragon and the Maker, are travelers in all Universes, Realities, Experiences, and Expressions.


We watch the Watchers; we keep tabs on the Men in Black, and the Psyops/Pisops/and special forces training and members.


I have run into pretraining and hidden reactions, within myself, but I control them. 

I am a Dragon and a Maker. 

We walk all worlds; we run many.


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