UFO Ryders and Knowledge

You may be asking, by now, why am I putting all this material that isn’t about ufos, super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, and Makers. 

Simple, by looking at this information, you are showing you are interested in gaining information, that will help you survive, unknown conflicts, you may be caught up in. 

I, myself, have just found out, about two weeks ago, that I am one of the black ops trainees, a super soldier, ultra warrior, Dragon and perhaps, Maker. 

I want you to be able to be ready if something happens, where you need to be able to survive, and you do this by being prepared. 

Read, watch, survival techniques, look at the websites, listed in this website, learn facial recognition, body language, principles of karate, ju jitsu, and others; learn about weapons, and how to survive, without them, or with them, which ever is your penchant. 

We will be covering other subjects of interest to you, and you can learn from these to. 

Learn from them, then create your own training program, whether physical or mental.

All that is within this blog, can be turned into mental preparedness, agility, movement, and fighting aces, using telepathy, and using clairvoyance, audioclarity, and others. 

Meditate, and learn to go inside of yourself, I do not recommend going out into the astral planes, because there are billions of them, which shows they’re simply the end result of someone’s own spiritual, survival journey. 

Raise your consciousness, and as you do, you raise your talents, abilities, skills, in psychic powers, miraculous happenings, and knowledge about all that exists. 

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


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