News from the HomeFronts Across the Universe

This is a news cast from ” ON THE FRONT” a Universe wide news data streaming, for all the primitives, in the fight against the Constellation and the Ancients; as well as, the Dark etc.,

On Feburary 14, 2014, Valentine’s Day, for Terrans, from the Planet Earth, the Constellation and the Ancients, especially on New Earth, where they have been forced off, and all their equipment, buildings, hidden underground labs, etc., have been destroyed.

The Constellation keeps the Ancients off this planet, for this is home of their Indestruct blue bodies, which they hope to create, which will make them more than Gods, but the only races, who will be able to survive the destruction of the Universe, Reality, and more.

They came back about midnight, and the war began around one o’clock, with them trying to bring in war machines, to create waryards across the planet; Rowdies Rangers, attacked them from the skies, destroying ships, machines, and portable labs, to rebuild the underground labs they had lost. All was destroyed, and they were driven away from New Earth, once again.

In other areas, of primitive planets and races, they were driven away from these places to, and they disappeared into the Universe vastness.

This time there were many of the Constellation wounded, and some died, but came back to life, so they cannot be counted as dead.

Their killing of human soldiers in underground bases, was avenged, as was those killed. We don’t like avenging operations, but this one, did fall under this category.

New Earth is still free, and free from human greed, avarice and destructive tendencies; the human race better grow into spiritual awareness and environmental wisdom, or they will lose their home planet, and be nomads of the Universe, no home to call their own.


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