# 25 Dreams

(c) Terry Floyd Johsnon, 2014


Dreams come in all flavors: symbolic of you, precognitive, future, and much more, but all of them are directly tied to you in some way. 

Most dreams are what Dr. Fritz Perls, call symbolic dreams, in which all elements, which make up the dream, are you. 

To help you decipher these dreams, Dr. Fritz Perls, showed his clients, role playing, to handle the symbolic dreams, but we go further than tha,t and say all of dreams, can be role played with, to find out the truth of the expressive experience.

Role playing is done by placing two chairs facing each other, one is you and the other is the element of the dream you want to work with. You get these elements by dividing the dream elements into figure or background, you work with the figure first, for these are the action of the dream, you choose which one to start with, and you go through all the figure elements, then you go back to the background elements and see if any now stand out as secondary, etc., figures, and if they do, you work with them, and continue in this fashion, till you see no more figures, then you end the dream interaction by using background, as an element of the dream. 

What you do for yourself, you can do, for any experience you see, read, experience and you can find out what all these elements in this experience, expression, excitement, energy symbolization, say about the truth of the expressive expression. Do just as you would as if it’s one of your dreams. 

Utilize figure and background, to find the action elements, and background to be a bowl, which the elements you didn’t choose, wait till you return to look at them with new eyes. 

You go back to the background and see if you see any new secondary, etc., figures, until you see no more, and then you end with using background as a character element. 

If you keep a journal, you can write the dream or the results you got understanding the dream down in your journal, or you can do both. 

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!


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