# 26 Daydreams

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


We’ve looked at dreams, but what about the daydreams; we have, the half asleep/half awake dreamlike creative experiences we have where we’re in a half sleep state.

Daydreams, can be work related, personal related, sexual, and so on, and all of them can be broke down to the elements, which are either figure ( stand out ) or background ( are in supportive roles ).

You choose- which elements are which, in your day dream, by writing down all of the elements in the daydream, then seeing the figure symbols, working with each of them first, going back to background elements, and seeing if any of the elements are now standing out; if not, then you end the daydream role playing, with background, or you continue till there is no elements left, or none stand out, and you end by role playing with background.

Half asleep/half awake dreams, are mostly, where we try to work things out, that are bugging us, or are creative, to help us come up with a story, artwork idea, and so on.

Quasi Dreams elements are written down, the same as the other dream styles, and either, is role played with, or used to start a new creative work, a new idea of some kind to try out, a new invention to try and build, and so on.

Quasi Dreams are either symbolic or reality based, to help you be creative, inventive or whatever it is you want to be, do, or invent. It is up to you!

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