# 29 Ah, the wee little people

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

There are many things in our world, that unless you are tuning yourself, to be beyond real time, you might never see, though even then, you will still see things out of the corners of your eyes, or a flash, and now there’s nothing, or like someone is there, or watching you, and so on,

Sometimes, these flashes, or feelings of not being alone, or being watched, can be because you are being visited by the little people: fairies, pixies, leprechans, and hundreds more of different species.

Some are henchmen for the Paranga, or Highest Angel, whose responsibility, is the Planet Earth, and others around it. The little people help things grow, fairies/pixies, leprechans, and others. They like to have mess around to hide in, like outside, if you have a wild place, where everything is wild and let be, then it provides a cover for them, while they help the gardens, the plants, the grass and so on, thrive.

Findhorn gardens, grow huge vegetables, on grounds, which almost all would say it couldn’t grow anythin;, they work with the little people, and meditate to interact with them, and to learn how to live in harmony with them. They know the value of having the little people on your side.

This is one range of little people, but there are many others, who live free, and are not in the least harnessed, by Angels, or anyone else, they are called the Wilders, and they make their own way with their own people throughout the lands. This mean urban and rural, over the last couple of centuries, many of the little people have found ways to live and flourish in cities, towns, villages, and live quite happily there.

They’re a happy lot, and love vibrant colors, like deep emerald greens. and so on. They’re as vibrant, as their colors, and what they do is for their own joy, and if they like someone, will help them, in fair exchange, or in trade or because they want to.

There is another lot, who call themselves the Packers; they enjoy going into places, and finding things, and taking them, and put them in their homes. They usually try to leave something in return, if they have nothing, they bless the person, for being kind, to give them the object.

The little people, have many powers and gifts, to help them do what they need to do, so don’t expect to see them often, for they like not being known, it is a better atmosphere, for them.

There is another network, which are small, elusive, and nearly impossible to see, but they are much more energy oriented, and this is why humans like to enslave them, to do their bidding, not cool.

Elementals, are those beings, who can be found in fire, water, air, wood, electrical, and so on. They have their own powers, and they’re as great, as what they inhabit. It;s because of this, the Dark side of the Force, likes to capture and harness them, so they will have to do their bidding.

This is also not cool, no being should be enslaved, each one should be free.

What do these networks have to do with us? One, they are terrans, also; Two, they can be teachers and show humans how to become capable of working with the elements, dark wants complete control, light wants to work with them, and build friendship together.

Little people are always welcome at EnviroRadiance Fellowship, in friendship, love and harmony. 



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