(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

The Ancients are races so old, they have disappeared from the memory of even the ETS, who have been around for millions of years.

They were not the first races to come into existence, that prized goes to the Godalarians, who traveled and travel, the Universes, with freedom, not known by any other race.

In human history, they were called the Gods, but this was because of the amazing things they could do, but the humans, called them Gods, they never called themselves that.

The Godalarians are still quite active all over the Universes, and love to be creative, look for new avenues to go down, which will help all the races, in all the Universes.

However, they don’t like it, when races, try to come in and find their treasure troves- of all kinds of inventions, etc., far ahead of even the Constellation and the Ancients.

They frown on other races trying to steal their inventions, etc.

They have experimental havens across the Universes, and watch over them, but not interfering, till it looks as if the races are going to kill themselves, or the planet they’ve been given to live upon.

The Godalarians, do not take kindly to anyone trying to destroy their creations.


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