(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

Well, I haven’t been blogging anything lately, because I have had other problems, with my mother passing away, her funeral, not being able to get back there, and having to find a new place to live, well, it can take up your time.

Now, we start with Roswell, Nevada, I have never been there, but I have constant updating from the communities of nano and microbots, which have made Roswell into the international headquarters of all nano and micro bots.

There has been several generations pass, leaving new and better bots in their place, but they still are building communities shaped into different symbols, when I last talked about them, they were using punk human symbol, now they have progressed to where they are now using different symbols, for different communities.

This doesn’t cause problems, for its for identification, not as a stand.

I’m sorry to say that the ETs have planted another programmed set of bots, with their hq, in the other side of Las Vegas; they are there to do battle with the Notemakers, who are very strong, and aren’t going to be easily taken out.

These new bots have been redesigned, to go through generations, for several times, and then learn how to increase their longevity, and their talents, abilities and skills.

The ETs have planted these new communities of bots all over the world, but the central hq is outside of Las Vegas, but each community can take over as hq if anything happens to the primary community.

These new bots have been designed with a chemical, which won’t hurt them, but will kill off the bots who have left the ET service and now fight against them with Rowdies Rangers.

In this light we have adapted the Melody, to be able to fight off this false danger, and to fight the real danger which is a virus program to shut them down, now they not only can stop it, but have the ability to change these other bots, into free bots, as they are.

Needless, to say the ETs are hopping mad.

Obama should watch over his layers of government more closely; many layers are in the employ or direction of ETs, and help bury news about them.

The ETs have lost major battles these last few weeks, and are in shock, but they are looking about how to win their way back. They are looking for the designer within the ranks of Rowdies Rangers, but what they don’t understand, is that any Rowdies Ranger can be a designer or any other thing in the war, or in taking care of nature.

The Melons will be found out, and kicked off this planet, and any other ones we find them on.

Develop your psychic talents, abilities and skills, you are the only one who can save you.

Rowdies Rangers Rock!

bedava a sisten behava joasetivia mosgava ahanca!

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