What are the Constellation?

Posted on April 29, 2013by 

                                           (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013  All rights reserved

What are the Constellation? To put it simply, they are living beings, who turned themselves into bio-a droids, by putting within every one of their races, bio-nets, to help them survive in space, and to enhance their natural talents, abilities and skills, and to help them not age, and be able to go from body to body, thus given then eternity to live and play in.

Only one problem, what if the whole Universe blows up, they die with the Universe, this has been driving them crazy, and they have been looking for a solution, for centuries, and they almost had it, or at least the way of living free of the neuronets, in the blue bodies, and the ones which they knew would let them become Indestructibles, after their freedom from the nuero-nets, where did they look for this info, from the primitives, for the advanced races, were either bio-androids, or free bodies, who died, or became pure energy.

The Constellation is made up of: 1. bio-androids, 2. free bodies, and 3. pure energy bodies, unfortunately this hasn’t made them into a superior race, but simply a energy vampire race.


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