Moon Personology Chartmaking

How to use Moon Personology Charting

Moon Personology Charts are filled by trusting your intuition, or if you have psychic talents, abilities and skills, you have brought out, you use them, but you can do this by trusting your intuition, feel how each section fits into the chart; it’s best to have a sheet created, where you place all the addins, and then you can transfer it to a chart.

You use the date of birth, time of birth if they know it, and you choose the sun, galactic and moon sighs, from these; they are the major doors to understanding the person, and helps your intuition to choose and place these words in their proper aspects.

Have fun, any questions, email me at

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Moon Personology Charts- Intuitive chart building

Moon Personology Chartmaking

OpenSource chartmaking-through trusting your intuitive feelings

(c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2008


January 8 to Feburary 7- Magellan Clouds

Feburary 8 to March 7- Valentine Quest

March 8 to April 7- Milky Way

April 8 to May 7- Raindance

May 8 to June 7- PeaceWinds

June 8 to July 7- Independence

July 8 to August 7- Safari

August 8 to September 7- Andromeda

September 8 to October 7- ArtWonder

October 8 to November 7- X-Factor

November 8 to December 7- MaxDay

December 8 to January 7- Talent





Open                       Healing                 Distance

Positive/Negative                  Marriage/Divorce              Overwhelming

Psychic/Telepathic               Ecology               Talents/Abilities/Skills

Design                   Childlike                Work

Weather                Bodymind              Brillance

Atmospheres       Wealth                    Wholeness/Fullness

Gems                   Crystals                   Seasons

Here and Now     Color                       4 Horsemen of Destruction

Feelings               Wonder                   Hierarchies

Logic                    Computations        Tastes/Sophistication/Wildness

Authenticity          Sharing/Caring      Personality/Psychological

Shadows             Outside                   Moves

Planetary             Stars                       Universe/Space

Dreams               Rhythm                    Beat/Melody


Hot Triggers


Energy shot    Electric Thrill   Sexual Shiver

Altered States   Aha! Experience   Danger

Imagination investment   Spotlight on   No Time Creativity

Ephipony   Breakthrough   Storms

High Consciousness    Inspiriation    Sketch idea

Instant Stop/Go  BioBodymindAction   Ramming Storms


Charts themselves shall have 12 Aspects, chosen each time, through your psychometry vision:















To do a chart:

1. First decide which Galaxies goes into:

1. Sun

2. Moon

3. Galactic Balance

Your sun sign is the sign you show to the world; it shows the real you, or hides the real you. This is your birthday month or the month you feel most close to you, which you see as being you.

Your moon sign is you feelings sign- it shows how you use and create with your moves to trust your feelings

Your Galactic Balance- is the balance between the sun and the moon, but its also your balance with the universe and all within it.

Now you may create a circle divided into 12 aspects ( pie slices ) or simply make a list, like this:



Galactic Balance

Aspect 1- Galaxy, Doorways; Hot Triggers

Aspect 2- Same

Aspect 3- Same

Aspect 4- Same

Aspect 5- Same

Aspect 6- Same

Aspect 7- Same

Aspect 8- Same

Aspect 9- Same

Aspect 10- Same

Aspect 11- Same

Aspect 12- Same


MoonPersonology Chartmaking is based on psychometry; fill each of the aspects, plus the sun, moon, and galactic balance, by trusting your feelings, as to where, you feel each galaxy needs to go, and the same- with the doorways and triggers. You use the Sun, Moon and Galactic galaxies within the chart as well; where you put them are strong points within your client and the total reading.

Once this is done, then read the chart – by reading each aspect, with its galaxy and doorways, with the person you are reading for, in mind.

You accomplished this, now go back over and give the person a global reading, which you use the chart as a generator to give future, past, present and now insights, via psychometry, or reading the auric energy being given off by the chart- in relation, to the person.

Remember you are the chartmaker; whatever you feel is right- may go into the chart, example- if you feel an aspect needs two or more galaxies, that’s all right. You would still fill any empty aspect with galaxies, even if its been used in combination with another, in another aspect.


This is an opensource, easy way to create charts; the doorways and hot triggers of the chart above is simply one way to do the chart.

If you make up doorways and triggers, or aspects, and you want to share it with others, send it to me and I’ll put your way of doing charts up, so others can see if they want to use your aspects, doorways, hot triggers.

send them to me at


My ” Style ” definitions of each Peson ” Total Life ” within each MP period in the year:


January 8 to Feburary 7- Magellan Clouds

The Magellan Clouds person is wispy, very fairy like in interest and maintaining interest in what is going on around them, tendency to be very community oriented; loves fantasy, but also can be very successful in life, if they don’t get to caught up in the idea, rather than the execution.

Feburary 8 to March 7- Valentine Quest

These people are the lovers of the chart- but they don’t necessarily do well in this area; they are in love with love many times; when they are more into expressing love for others- they make fantastic partners, sex and otherwise. They can be very good in any type of business which sells love, sex, hinting at bed behavior, like films, tv, etc.

March 8 to April 7- Milky Way

this is the planetary mother; can be an earth mother, but can be more concerned about all life; activist; knowledge; partner must be an activist to; can be solid gold in love and lovemaking; good teacher, employment counselor

April 8 to May 7- Raindance

Very Mystical; likes rituals, likes holidays with all the trimmings; can have a problem with addictions; loves to acquire alternative products, antiquities and mystical, ufo pieces.

May 8 to June 7- PeaceWinds

This person is very able at war, but chooses peace, and keeps a tight control over themselves, so they won’t fall into their warlike ways. They make excellent activists, directors, producers, and any job where they are working to better themselves and all others; very expressive in all that they do; can be very self-critical; friends are their balance, for they tell them the truth, to transform their own vision of themselves; very able moneymakers.

June 8 to July 7- Independence

These people are very individual; so much so that they hurt themselves, like shooting themselves in the foot; make excellent VCs, investors, ranchers, CEOs, and creative outlets; Highly Creative. Yet have a hard time finishing a project before going onto another.

July 8 to August 7- Safari

This is the big game hunter; loves to buy/acquire businesses, corporations and run international corporations. Lives big, but can afford it; likes to think and act in a big way; carries the day; excellent general, etc.

August 8 to September 7- Andromeda

Is the maker of products to serve the people of the world; loves farming, agriculture, and is an excellent counselor, writer, artist, etc.; loves women and men; loves excellence, richness, wealth and patriotic.

September 8 to October 7- ArtWonder

This person likes to get down and dirty in whatever project they work on, whether tech, creative, business, governmental, space, communication, psychology etc., they like to know everything about the subject they are working on or looking into.

October 8 to November 7- X-Factor

This person is highly creative, likes to finish what they start, likes those things that have an ending, but also likes the idea of working on things that will go on, without knowing the ending; Internet lover; loves men and women; can be family oriented, but the wild calls him or her or it. Mystical, Spiritual, Psychic, Psychic Defense, Paranormal Studies

November 8 to December 7- MaxDay

This person loves politics; making decisions; getting credit for the final reward; loves public knowing of him/her/itself; Actor/Actress; willing to do about anything to keep their credibility, and their position, archcriminal; shoplifting; publisher, slick magazines, etc.

December 8 to January 7- Talent

This person likes to play many parts; to show his/her/its talent without letting the viewer know to much about them; artist; universal order; balance- can be overdone; bosses; transportation, travel, always with a goal in mind; secretive; master spy, industrial spy; comic strip artist; sidewalk artist, outside theatre, sound/light/director/stage/roadie person; backs up friends to the max.


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