Brain Locked

Posted on July 6, 2013by 
                                                         (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

This happened during the nights of June 25 – June 29th, 2013, for two consecutive nights:

I was in bed sleeping, at least half sleeping, when I was suddenly brain locked by an external, very powerful force, and was locked into a beautiful box, where on the walls were art deco cars, and the floor was white buttons, and it was covered with them, all was squeaky clean, and at first, there seem to be people, asian like, but then they disappeared, and I was told to press buttons, and when I went farther than I was supposed to, I was told to go back, and turn where I was supposed, to.

We did this, for a while, all the while, with this great pressure on my brain locking me into this box

and finally, I said how do I end game.

They showed me end game, and I hit it, and of course, the other games, were horrific, so I went back to the original game, and we pressed buttons some more,, then I said how to I end all games, and end all games showed, I hit that and was out.

The next night, the same, since then no more.

This was definitely not a no win scenario, for they gave me the way out.

Ten reasons why abductees will never be holistically healthy

Posted on June 23, 2013by 

                                               (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

In your daily push to be healthy, in many citizens of planet Terra, there is a lurking unknown tapes in their mind, and in their bodymind, which makes it impossible to have a healthy life, so we shall call this strange phenomenon- The Dark Matter of the Human as Universe.

We shall first look at the person, who has been abducted, and how are denied,  holistic health, if they have had an experience, which they don’t even remember.

Abductees are picked up, telepathically pushed, to accept the situation, and whatever events they are told or made to do, while within the abduction experience.

What lies in the abduction experience, and how come the abductee doesn’t remember, ah, that’s the catch, which keeps total, holistic health, from the person/abductee?

First, you are kidnapped from your home, from a place, in a traveling car, etc., but you are out, or you are awake, but you can’t move, even when there is something in the room with you. You are frozen, so the first blight on your health begins.

You are held frozen, but not concerned, for you’re in telepathic dreamland- the second reason you won’t have total health.

You are put in a Sky ship, meaning it is one they use to pick-up their cargo, of human passengers, who didn’t choose to be there, but are, because they have been chosen, picked out, to have this experience.

You are then taken to a Jack Starship, where you are placed in a huge warehouse room, with many more beings on a traveling cart, not all of them are human- the third reason holistic health is going to evade you.

You are kept there, under telepathic push, so you are content to be where you’re at, and at the same time, information is being uploaded into your consciousness state, which is wrapped around your aura, and is what is known as Membrane, it is capable of holding vast/infinite amounts of information, actual eye accounts of experience, audio, and vast amounts of academic knowledge, as well as, virtual reality, programs uploaded into you, so it will be in instant call, if they need it- here is the fifth reason, you will never have holistic health.

You come to Mothership Station, where you are taken aboard and stripped naked, and put through decontamination, then are kept naked, for the rest of your experience here. You are either taken directly to a module task/experienceator, where you’re put through medical testing, psychological testing, sociological testing, intelligence testing, bodymind mapping, dream mapping, visualization mapping, sexual energy processing, knowledge processing, and knowledge uploading- into the Bio-Consciousness fields, which you will need, be told to run and come up with info and conclusions, and made to tell your opinions of many types of knowledge, they had need of at this moment, also in some cases you’re taking places, where reality and Bio-Consciousness Adaptability is put to the test.- here is the sixth reason, you won’t have holistic health.

Once you have done all this, and they no longer need your services, you’re put into a liquid casket looking apparatus, where you have to drown to be able to breathe, in some of these caskets, it isn’t liquid, but chemical, and you are put through cryogenic freezing, and  in others you’re put into a vat of drug liquid, to allow you to have a trip, which is recorded in Bio-Consciousness film recording, in imprintation, within the flecks of bio-energy, which can record infinite bits, and wholes of experience, seeing, knowing and psychic/telepathic/spiritual phenomena experience- personal logging- this is the seventh reason you will not achieve holistic health.

You’re taken out of this and placed in the center of the Mothership Station, to wait your area of interaction, in this abduction, it can be sexual, supposedly reproductive archiving and baby making; it can be academic, it can be survival, it can be adventurous, it can be torturous/business/etc., in whatever, they’re studying at this point- eighth reason you won’t achieve holistic health.

You’re a warrior, and you go through the whole gamut of planning, strategy, tactics, maneuverability, surprise, to gain your goal; they use military arenas- to get humans and others. they consider primitives, to come up with the best solution, and teach them how to be militaristic, so when they come after us, they will know how to defeat us- ninth reason, you won’t achieve holistic health.

Now, it’s time for you to return, and they cannot let you remember your visit here, so they put you through locks, of locking up your mind- against remembering the experience, and putting the feeling in you, if you go into it, you will be harmed in some ways, they over shadow all of this with sonic hypnotic realities, and form making of monsters, which you’re deathly afraid of, so they know you won’t go into this area of your mind- the tenth reason you won’t achieve holistic health.

These ten reasons are an overview of what you experience, how you are tied up in knots, so you won’t remember your experience, and will naturally put in your own blocks, so you won’t remember ( though this doesn’t work, as health problems in abductees, show up as an inner crying, and an anger, at being denied freedom and your own free space and free life ).

Blocks to Healing, that are out of this world

Posted on June 16, 2013by 

                                  (c) Terry Floyd Johnson 2013

One of the things not talked about in the relationship, or kidnappings of humans by ETs, is- what does these abductions do with how healthy you are in your everyday life, and what about those around you who haven’t been abducted.

I am writing the first aspect of my look at my own health problems, but doing so by looking at the total healing experience through Microcosmic Force Life Energy.

However, this isn’t about that, but it does have a connection- to the total healing process, and how do you go about finding out what is really wrong with yourself, or with a friend.

First, abductees are fooling themselves, if they think the actual abduction is the only thing done to them, at that time.

Along with the experience, within the presence of ETs, they make sure they can have instant contact with you by placing in you inplants, bots, and if you’ve been abducted the Others, want to know what they’re doing with you, so they place the Etcs. in your energy, mainly in your aura, and in your consciousness energy.

What do you have to worry about if you haven’t been abducted, welcome to the world of the ” Freshies “. Freshies are those friends/acquaintances, who upon coming in contact with you, are chosen to be community linked with the ETs need to have storage, for their activities, projects and other assorted material, you and the abductee become storage for the Great Library; they download information data into your consciousness, which can hold all the information they can download, but they have to be careful, for if they do to much to fast, the storage unit, might feel it, and then will try to find out what is going on.

ETs care nothing about the personal space of those they abduct, or about what this does to their lives, their ability to do that which interest them, etc., they care only about putting the right data, in the right person, so it will be in harmony with the information data downloaded into his/her consciousness.

History of Abductions of Primitives

Posted on April 28, 2013by 

                                 (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013 All rights reserved

A short history of Primitives UFO Abductions:

1. Socrates turns human primitives into an intelligence gathering community

2. Alexander the Great turns these primitive communities into a military force, with the military information gathering still a major aspect of the primitive communities

3. The primitives taught how to fly their machines, fight their wars, and most of all, genetic time suspension research

4. The Psychic flavors of the Constellation and the Ancients feel the future and the human seed shall make a Revealer and a Freedom Fighter

5. They start a huge genetic and reproduction research facility on many motherships

6. They continue utilizing the primitives as research labs, within their consciousness, and build solar systems and more within the consciousness of the primitives, as well as, mark off sections to be part of the Great Library, but really its the Great Experiment.

7. The Force of the Primitives changes their name many times, till they reach the final one- Rowdies Rangers

8. UFO ABDUCTEES are picked up, or investigated on a ship on earth, above earth, or above whatever planet the primitive lives on, they are brought to Motherships, in a formation, Called the Stand, and they extend their greatness and create a virtutal reality in real time, and they keep the humans and other primitives within these real time fluxes, and then they can gather them when they need them for experimentation

10. First, though, you are brought into the floating cattle ship, where you are kept in huge rooms, waiting for processing, you are then put through disinfection, and given a multi-blocker, which will keep you healthy, until they want you ill.

11. You are then taken into the Slaughter House, we call it, and are put through many experinments all toward one thing, finding and stopping the Returner. They use primitives of all kinds in sexual experimentation, where what seems to be for reproduction, is really a way of gathering sexual energy and seeing it in real time, so it can be recorded, for later patterning processes, as they look for the super primitive, which is going to bring their downfall, if they do not find the way to create the blue bodyminds, which are Indestructible, even to the disappearance of all realities, universes, and experiences.

12. They can pick and choose who they want from any primitive planet, meaning no one is safe from being abducted, world leaders, superstars, farmers, corporation leaders, politicians, workers, mothers, children, and more.

13. The went through millenia looking for the return of the one they know is going to stop them, a human, who is to be born, and then shall step into a new life, as a Wonder of Reality, and Beyonds.

14. To do their research, they created a new race, the Nordics, which were hybreds, who they hoped they would be able to make a super human, before the one they dread would come into existence, this was foiled when the Ancients, told them that the one they seek, is beyond even them, and could not be stopped, they could only make themselves indestructable.

15. The primitives, especially the females, were stressed at all the free sex and pregnancy they go through, as well as the hatchery suits they wear, with pockets of solutions which will simulate the female womb juices, and ready the eggs, produced in the thousands by primitive women, and then pregnated and carried for two to four weeks, then taken to the Hatchery, where they are put in tubes, where they are grown, with special genetic properties put into them, which will allow them to transform at a later date, into the Guard, the first line of defense of the Constellation.

16. They stand against Rowdies Rangers, with what the Constellation, hope will enable them to defeat Rowdies Rangers, and their survival.

17. The human primitives listened to the women and their trauma, for being a sex object, even though the males were used in the same way, and made to wear hatchery suits, where they used their own sexual semen, both men and women to fertilize the eggs int he hatchery suitis.

18. To give them ease, the humans and then the other races, designed the Great Extension, where anyone you had sex with became your mate, and by this they designed the Great Family, where all the primitives were intertwined, and became the Sole Spark.

19. There were periods of free time, and within this, they were put out into the Park, the virtual reality created by all the Motherships, and there they were enhanced with sexual drugs, and they were free to mate with whoever they wanted, no one could mate with them if they refused, and the favorite area of the Stand’s Park was the air dancer, where you could step off the edge and float in the air, and have sex in the air, while floating with others, doing the same.

20. These pregnancies, for the hatchery suits were still implanted in them, gave rise to new children, who were not only human but a Signifier, meaning they were speical in that they formed in human semen and auxillary fluids, which were free chained to allow for maximux, self shaping.

21. These hatchlings are the Thinkers, and they were created to match wits with the Gods, or the Goderians.

22. Rowdies Rangers have broken free of the Constellation and the Ancients, and have destroyed the Constellation business of creating clones from primitives, and killing them and marketing the meat across the Universes, and their labs where they have created eternal bodies, for them to go into, but they wanted to be the Indestructables, and this is what they were working on on Near Earth.

23. Come July 4th, 2010 we attacked their installations, destroying them all, without killing anyone.

24. We had to come back a few more times. to destroy those who hid in time pockets, but all are gone, except one, the final Indestruct lab, and that was destroyed on Easter 2013.

25. Is the war over, it has only just begun, welcome to The Indestructibles War.

26. The war of the Constellation/Ancients vs the Primitives of the Universes.

27. The Primitive Worlds are all filled with research knowledge of the Great Library or Search, even those never abducted, are brought in through the presence of those who have, we call these persons, etc. ” Freshies “.

28. In 1947, Roswell happened and the great farming occured, when the two crashes released millions of nano/micro bots, along with inplants already within abductees, and the ETXs.

29. The War is on.

UFO Abductees on call

Posted on May 13, 2013by 
                                                       (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

The last two days, I have had the experience many or all ufo abductees have, a pressure on one side of your head, with a high pitch sound going on in your ear.

This is for the inplants, bots, and etc., it gives them orders, usually, not in your favor.

I find that after this, even when I try to nullify the sound, by snapping my fingers, I still get some attack against me.

These attacks are usually through my third eye, and tries to trap me in some of their dirty energy symbols, which hide the real attack, from sucking hole energy- to capture.

I have been doing something new, this last few days, but so far it hasn’t worked, and I got an invasion of my person, today as well.

Many have seen ufos going over the ground; they try to figure out what its doing, and what its doing is simple, scanning for bot communities, to try to bring them back under their control.

The bots have turned from them, and are their own, free selves now.

Bots are everywhere, on Earth,: the UFO crashes were for the expressed purpose of spreading these bots around the world.

Our military helped, in that, by going to the crash sites, then taking the bots, hitching a ride on them, or their clothes, back to other bases, and from there the world.

UFO Abductees are loaded with information, then, when a Freshie is found, one who can be a living carrier of the Great Library, information is enhanced by touch or by energy, and they don’t have to be abductees at all.

The war with the ETs in different solar systems, galaxies, continues, but they are getting ready to create a war zone on Near Earth, then use it again to attack the Earth, once more.

It ain’t going to happen!

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